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Service Areas and Maps for ERWSDERWSD Sewer Service Boundary

ERWSD Water Service Boundary

UERWA Water Service Boundary

Who is your water provider?

The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District provides water service within the Vail Water Sub-district and properties of the Wolcott area that have been included into the District boundary.  Water sources include wells and a surface water treatment plant located in East Vail.

The District provides full contract water operations and management (O&M) services to:

The Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority, which provides water to its six member entities, including:

The Authority also provides service to the Bachelor Gulch and Cordillera Metropolitan districts.

The District provides billing for water and trash services for the town of Minturn.

Where does wastewater go to be treated? 

The District operates three wastewater treatment facilities:

Vail – 2.7 MGD*
Avon – 4.3 MGD
Edwards – 2.95 MGD

  • The total treatment capacity at all three facilities is 9.95 MGD.
  • The average daily flow through the wastewater system is 5.5 MGD.
  • The maximum peak-week flow is 7.7 MGD.
  • The minimum flow is 3.7 MGD.
  • The wastewater collection within the District is accomplished through more than 200 miles of collection lines.
  • The collection system functions primarily by gravity flow; however, lift stations are used at some points along the system.
  • The wastewater collection lines range in size from 8 to 35 inches and consist primarily of PVC (plastic).

*MGD = million gallons per day