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Water Supply Emergency

A water supply emergency is issued when water in the public water supply system may need to be preserved to protect public health, public safety, or environmental health. Circumstances that may warrant a water supply emergency include:

  • Natural conditions such as drought or low stream flows
  • Serious operational challenges such as pump failures or main breaks
  • Contamination of water supply sources
  • Fighting fires that may require extraordinary amounts of water for an extended period

Water supply emergencies may be localized in a specific area or can affect the entire public water system. They are temporary and can last for hours, days, or longer; the length depends on a variety of factors and conditions.

What happens? 
When a water supply emergency is issued, water use is severely restricted – or unavailable – and it may pertain to outdoor use, indoor use, or both. It is important that customers pay attention to any communications and alerts from the District via our multiple channels (emails, phone calls, website, print media, etc). Fines may be increased for water use violations and warning letters are not issued.

Outdoor use - When a water supply emergency affects the water available for outdoor use, customers are prohibited from using water outdoors for any purpose. Automatic irrigation systems, water features, etc. must be shut off until further notice.

Indoor use - If a water supply emergency affects the water available for indoor use, customers are asked to only use water for essential indoor purposes, such as drinking and limited flushing and bathing. Water should not be used for dish washing, laundry, in-home water features, and other nonessential purposes.

Water Supply Emergency Fine & Shutoff Schedule 
If outdoor water use has been banned, any water used outdoors constitutes a violation of the water supply emergency and can result in the shut off of your water service.

  • 1st Violation = Warning, notice of potential disconnection.
  • 2nd Violation = Disconnection.

Notice of a water supply emergency will be communicated through multiple channels including: phone calls, Eagle County Alert (EC Alert), email, electronic message boards, news releases, advertisements, messages on monthly billing statements, online forums, and posting on

For more information, contact Customer Service at 970-476-7480.