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Singletree odor due to pond draining

March 06, 2024

Eagle River Water and Sanitation District (ERWSD) has received several questions about an odor coming from the area near the Sonnenalp Golf Club in Singletree. The odor is coming from a pond that has been drained as part of an irrigation project by the Sonnenalp Golf Club.

On Feb. 22, 2024, ERWSD was called with questions about the odor. District crews responded by thoroughly inspecting infrastructure in the area and determined that it is not a contributing factor. 

The Sonnenalp Golf Club is working on a golf course irrigation project (a new pump station), and part of that project involves draining the pond between June Creek Road and Singletree Road. The process exposes anaerobic organic material at the bottom of the pond, which has a strong sulfur smell. This project and associated odor are related. 

The project is expected to be complete by mid-April.

Please direct all questions and calls regarding the odor to the Sonnenalp Golf Club at (970) 477-5370.