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Sewer Backups

Sewer Backup Information

A sewer backup occurs when water or sewage overflows from your toilet, tub, sink, or any other drain in your home. These events are more common in older homes, homes with basements, and more likely to occur on lower floors. 

Common causes of sewer backups include separated joints, root damage, clogged pipes, cracks in the pipe, or backups in the main sewer line. If a sewer backup occurs in your home due to an issue with your service line, you are responsible for the cleanup and damage.

The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District is not responsible for your service line, acts of nature, or vandalism. You can take steps to prevent a sewer backup by having a plumber assess risk and install a backflow device or sump-pump, using grease-fighting dish detergents to break up blockages, keeping fats, oils, and grease out of drain lines, and avoiding flushing or washing foreign objects down your drain. Rags, wipes ("flushable" or non), and other items that should go in the trash, clog pipes and contribute to sewer backups.

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