Routine sewer system maintenance in Minturn, EagleVail

Crews using jetting trucks to clear sewer mains

Routine sewer main maintenance operations begin May 21 in Minturn and continue through late June. Crews will then perform maintenance operations in EagleVail during July and August. Eagle River Water & Sanitation District staff use jetting trucks to clear mains throughout the areas and work generally occurs between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Residents can expect sewer jetting trucks and equipment on streets and in back lots depending on manhole locations. Drivers should use caution as district vehicles and employees are near the roadway during jetting operations.

These activities generally cause minimal disruption to residents, though crews appreciate the public’s understanding and cooperation. Field operations staff perform this work on a 5-year rotating schedule to clear sewer mains of grit and debris that could potentially cause sewer line blockages. District staff strive to provide our service area with the highest infrastructure quality; the sewer-jetting program is a key component to reaching that goal.

Contact: Customer Service, 970-476-7480