Routine sewer system maintenance in Edwards

Crews using jetting trucks in Edwards-area neighborhoods through September.

District staff clean a sewer main using a jetting truck.

Routine sewer main maintenance operations are underway throughout the Edwards area. Work began in Arrowhead and Singletree on July 6 and wrapped up in mid-August; work has also been completed in Homestead. Crews are now jetting sewer mains in Miller Ranch, and will continue with old Edwards and the Edwards core before moving maintenance activities to West Edwards in the fall. District staff use jetting trucks to clear mains throughout the areas and work generally occurs between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Residents can expect sewer jetting trucks and equipment on streets and in back lots depending on manhole locations. Drivers should use caution as district vehicles and employees are near the roadway during jetting operations.

This sewer cleaning process causes air movement through the sewer system. If your home’s ventilation pipes are clogged or are not large enough, this air movement through the sewer system could force some water out of your toilet or drains. It is recommended that you keep your toilet lid down when sewer mains are being cleaned.

These activities generally cause minimal disruption to residents and crews appreciate the public’s understanding and cooperation. Field operations staff perform this work on a 5-year rotating schedule to clear sewer mains of grit and debris that could potentially cause blockages that lead to sewage overflows. Preventing problems before they occur is a key goal of the district’s preventive maintenance program that ensures proper functioning of sewage infrastructure.

For more information, contact customer service at 970-477-5451.