Rules & Regulations

The purpose of these consolidated Rules and Regulations is to ensure orderly and uniform administration of water and wastewater operations within the service areas of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District and the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority located in Eagle County, Colorado. These administrative responsibilities are performed by the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, where administrative and operations personnel implement these Rules and Regulations for both the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District and the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority.

Please contact Customer Service at (970) 477-5451 for more information.

Eagle River Water & Sanitation District Service Area Includes:


  • Water Service within the Vail Water Sub-District and the Wolcott area
  • Wastewater Service for all areas included within the District boundaries

Eagle River Water & Sanitation District Provides Contract Service to:


  • Town of Minturn

Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority Service Area Includes:


  • Arrowhead Metropolitan District
  • Town of Avon
  • Bachelor Gulch Metropolitan District
  • Beaver Creek Metropolitan District
  • Berry Creek Metropolitan District
  • Cordillera Metropolitan District
  • EagleVail Metropolitan District
  • Edwards Metropolitan District
  • Traer Creek Metropolitan District (Village at Avon)

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Appendix A: Schedule of Fees and Rates

Appendix B: Water and Wastewater Service Construction Specifications

Appendix C: Standard Specifications for Water Mains

Appendix D: Standard Specifications for Sewer Mains

Appendix E: Earthwork and Construction

Appendix F: Pollutant Discharge Regulations and Industrial Pretreatment Program

Appendix G: Cross Connection Control Program

Appendix H: Agreement for Reinstatement of Water Service

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Outdoor Water Use

ERWSD Rules & RegulationsEagle River Water & Sanitation District regulates water use to protect an adequate supply of water for customers. The District’s general rules and regulations address Efficient and Beneficial Water Use in Section 6.7.11.

The normal Water Use Regulations are in effect year-round and apply to all properties from East Vail to Cordillera that receive water service from Eagle River Water & Sanitation District and Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority. Customers receive a copy of the Water Use Regulations (in Spanish and English) each year with their May billing statement. Additional copies are available at the main District office, located at 846 Forest Road in Vail, or from Customer Service.

Unless a general or localized Water Supply Emergency has been declared, normal water use regulations allow for outdoor water use up to three days per week, per the schedule below.


Outdoor water use schedule (based on last digit in your street address)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Even No outdoor water use Odd Even Odd Even Odd


  • The watering day is from midnight to midnight
  • Watering must occur before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on your watering day
  • Hoses must have water saving shut off nozzles to prevent free running water
  • Permits are required for consecutive day irrigation
  • Swimming pools are limited to one filling per year, unless draining for repairs is necessary
  • Water shall be used for beneficial purposes only

Flagrant runoff, water waste, or other violations of the Water Use Regulations results in the following citations and fines
1st Offense: Warning letter and phone call
2nd Offense: $250 fine, letter and phone call
3rd Offense: $500 fine, letter, and site visit
4th Offense: $1,000 fine and possible disconnection of water service

During a Water Supply Emergency, warnings are not given for violations and fines are increased.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 970-477-5451.

Special Irrigation Permit

Special irrigation permits are available for circumstances that require water beyond the normal three-day per week outdoor water use schedule (previous tab).

Permits allow for consecutive-day irrigation but watering times must otherwise comply with the outdoor water use schedule: before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
Permits are issued for permissible uses of outdoor water, as follows:

  • Newly-seeded areas: allows for 28 consecutive days, excluding Mondays
  • Newly-planted sod, annuals, perennials, and woody plants: allows for 14 consecutive days, excluding Mondays

There is a $50 fee per permit that will be charged to the customer account associated with the property requesting the permit. This includes processing and yard stake.

How are permits issued?

  • Complete an application through the Customer Service department at the main District office in Vail: 846 Forest Road.
  • Allow two business days for processing
  • If approved, a permit will be issued, a yard-sign will be made, and the permit fee will be charged to the customer account
  • Pick up the yard sign from the Customer Service Department and post at the permitted property
  • When the permit expires, District staff will remove the sign from the property


Can I get a water use violation if I have a permit?

Yes. If the sign is not posted on the permitted property, the customer account holder (normally the property owner) is subject to a water use violation and any associated fines. Also, if watering occurs during non-permissible watering times, a water use violation may also be issued.

During a Water Supply Emergency, all special irrigation permits are invalid. In compliance with the emergency, all outdoor water use must immediately stop.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 970-477-5451.