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Prevent Water Meters & Pipes from Freezing


Property owners, residents, and businesses should protect water meters and supply lines from low temperatures to prevent freezing. Frozen pipes may burst and can result in water damage to your property. If you believe your pipes are frozen, the quickest solution is to call a plumber to have your pipes checked.

Eagle River Water and Sanitation District is not responsible for the customer's service line. If a District water main breaks or freezes, we will notify properties in the affected area. If you have not been informed that District lines are impaired, lack of water in your home is likely due to pipes frozen within your home. Customers should immediately shut off the master water shutoff, which is usually located inside the property just before the water meter, and also contact a plumber.

Water meters and supply lines should be insulated or located in areas that are kept warm to protect them from freezing and possibly bursting. During cold weather, keep garage doors closed to ensure pipes located there are kept warm; even a cracked garage door can allow entry of enough cold air to freeze pipes and meters.

Uninsulated areas (such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces) or exterior walls are also vulnerable if they contain pipes or your meter. Take these simple preventive actions that can greatly reduce the threat of frozen or burst pipes:

  • Locate your master water shutoff so you can turn off your water where it comes into your home or business if a leak or break occurs.
  • Set your thermostat to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit at all times, even when your dwelling is unoccupied.
  • Insulate vulnerable areas and install pipe insulating products on water lines.
  • Close garage doors completely if the water meter or water supply lines are in the garage.
  • Check unoccupied residences during and after a cold snap.

For more information on preventing or thawing frozen pipes, or for help locating your water meter or master shutoff, call Customers Service at 970-476-7480.