New Traer Creek water storage tank offline due to leak

Tank isolated from Public Water System and drained

A leak was detected in the 2 million gallon water storage tank recently built to serve the Traer Creek development in Avon. The tank was immediately isolated from the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority public water system and drained.

The Traer Creek developer, TCRP, financed and oversaw the construction of the tank, which was completed early this year and leak-tested.

The Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority accepted the tank into its system April 1. Delivery of the tank from the developer to the Authority was a requirement for the development to receive additional water service. The 2-year warranty for the tank from the tank project contractors was assigned to the Authority.

On May 25, water operations staff confirmed that the tank was leaking and drained it to minimize damage from the leak and to inspect. The leak was found to be significant and the tank was taken out of service until the full extent of damage can be determined and repaired. A forensic engineer has been retained by the Authority to conduct an investigation of the extent and cause of the damage and to recommend the method of repair. The investigation could take up to six months.

The tank was the newest in the Authority’s water distribution system. As such, the Authority will continue serving existing customers in the same manner it did before the tank was constructed.

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