May 5, 2020, regular election canceled

Four candidates who filed for the board of directors to be declared elected


The Eagle River Water & Sanitation District regular election scheduled for May 5 will be canceled. There were not more applications than open seats on the district board of directors so the candidates who filed a self-nomination and acceptance form will be declared elected.

Four of the seven board seats were up for election. None of the current directors were term limited so each were eligible to run; all filed the necessary form. Dick Cleveland, George Gregory, and Robert Warner, Jr., of director districts 2, 4, and 6, respectively, will begin three-year terms in May. In director district 1, Timm Paxson will serve a two-year term.

ERWSD designated election official Catherine Hayes verified the eligibility of each candidate to stand for election. Hayes said only four self-nomination and acceptance forms were returned by the Feb. 28 election deadline, one in each open director district. Further, no one applied to be a write-in candidate by the March 2 deadline. With no contested seats, the district is legally able to cancel the election.

Colorado Special Districts are transitioning to holding regular elections in odd-numbered years. This is the first year of the transition, which adjusts a “full term” from four years to three. The last even-numbered year election is scheduled for May 2022. Colorado Special Districts will hold their first odd-numbered year election in 2023 and director terms will return to a four-year period.

For more information, call 970-476-7480.