Hahnewald barn deconstruction begins Aug. 19

Barn materials to be salvaged; available for sale locally.


The Hahnewald barn sits at the southwest corner of the ERWSD wastewater treatment facility site in Avon, Colorado in June 2019.

Removal of the Hahnewald barn begins Aug. 19 by Denver based J&M Contracted Services which submitted the lowest cost proposal ($60,000) to dismantle the more than 100-year old deteriorating structure.


The barn occupies the southwest corner of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District’s wastewater treatment facility site in Avon. The area is needed to make room for a significant construction project to begin in 2020 that will upgrade the treatment facility with new processes to meet the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s nutrient regulations.


The district obtained four proposals and solicited numerous others to have the barn removed. Proposals included landfilling, salvaging the barn material, and relocation to private property (which was later withdrawn).


The wood and other materials will be conveyed to Salvage Design Center, which will sell the reclaimed barn material. The district has obtained a 50% discount for community members to purchase the salvaged materials, which will be available at a local temporary storefront. The location and dates of the barn material sales are being finalized.


The district is coordinating with the Eagle County Historical Society who will film the existing condition and deconstruction for their archives.


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