Cortina Lane water service disruption

Power supply restored to pump station that provides water service to area.

Last updated: 12:10 p.m., Oct. 8, 2015

A power supply failure caused a temporary water service outage to properties on Cortina Lane in West Vail Monday (10/5). Crews installed a generator to power a pump station that provides water to the area, which restored service to affected properties Monday evening.

The generator was in place, with attendant staff, until normal power supply was restored Wednesday (10/7) evening.

Crews confirmed the cause of the power supply failure on Tuesday and began repairs. Once the new electrical line was completed and tested, power was switched from the generator to normal power supply.

Vail fire department and public safety officials were informed that water system operations returned to normal in the area.

After a service disruption, you may notice cloudy or colored water as this type of work can stir up sediment or rust in the water main. The water is safe to drink and you can clear your lines by running faucets that do not have a screen – such as a bathtub or an outside spigot. Flush your line until the water runs clear.

Contact: Customer Service, 970-477-5451