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Water Efficiency Devices & Rebates

Reducing our water use is important indoors and out. However, we use much more water outdoors and only ~20% of that water makes its way directly back to local waterways. This makes outdoor water conservation extremely important in protecting our vital water resources in the Eagle River Valley. ERWSD provides rebates for customers who take steps to reduce their outdoor water use. Thank you for doing your part.


  • Incentivize reducing water use
  • Reduce barriers and lessen the financial burden of upgrades and conversions
  • Offer support, guidance, and options
  • Encourage early adoption

What rebates are available? 

Irrigation Audits – Schedule an appointment with a certified irrigation auditor to check your irrigation system and find ways to make it more efficient. The District will provide a rebate for 25% of the cost up to $200.

Smart Irrigation Controllers – Replace your current irrigation controller with a Smart one that uses weather data, soil sensors, and rain gauges to automatically adjust irrigation based on plant water requirements. The District will provide a rebate of 25% of the cost up to $200.

Irrigation Efficiency Bundle – After a required irrigation audit, upgrade your irrigation system and equipment based on audit recommendations. The District will provide a rebate of 25% of cost up to $1500.

Lawn/Turf Replacement – For every square foot of irrigated lawn you replace with native or drought tolerant landscaping, the District will pay $2. There is a 100 square foot minimum requirement but no maximum requirement.


Rebate Table


How do I get a rebate for removing my lawn? 

Here are six simple steps to getting a rebate:

  1. Request a site visit. It’s important that we get a clear picture of your existing landscaping conditions, answer any questions, and make recommendations as needed. (In some cases, high quality photos may be sufficient instead of a site visit).
  2. Make a plan. Maybe all you need is a Smart controller. Or you may want to do an entire lawn/ landscape transformation. Your site visit and/or irrigation audit will help determine this. Consider consulting with your fire district for a fire assessment as well. You may qualify for multiple rebates.
  3. Complete the work. Do the work yourself or have a professional landscaper do it (save your receipts). Either way, the work must be completed before we issue a rebate. This is the exciting part!
  4. Request a post-work site visit. We’d like to see the improvements made. And we can’t wait to know how much water you’re saving.
  5. Submit rebate application. You can access the online application here. Send before and after photos, itemized receipts or invoices, and the size estimate for any lawn conversion areas. And then pat yourself on the back!
  6. Get your rebate! Rebates will come in the form of a credit or a check depending on the amount. Either way, you will get some compensation for your water conservation efforts. Good job!

Click here for more rebate program details.

In order to be eligible for water efficiency rebates, you must be registered with WaterSmart. Rebates are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis as funds are available and are provided as a check to the account owner. Rebates are initiated through the forms page on WaterSmart. Find out more about our rebates:

Free water efficiency devices available for customers. 

  • Toilet leak detection tablets
  • Water-saving moisture meter
  • Deluxe high efficiency hose nozzle
  • 50 mm rain gauge

Additional Outdoor Rebate Program Resources

Please call Customer Service with any questions 970-477-5451. 

Thank you for helping to conserve water.