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2023 Water Use Regulations

June 21, 2023

It’s summer and the time of year when the majority of our water use is outdoors. Did you know that only ~20% of that water makes its way directly back into our rivers and streams? Therefore, it is important to conserve our vital water resources and water efficiently outdoors.

Adhere to the odd/even water use schedule based on the last digit of your home’s street address. These water use regulations are in effect year round.

2023 outdoor water use


Outdoor watering schedule.

  • Watering may only occur before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m. on your assigned watering day.
  • The watering day is from midnight to midnight.
  • There is no outdoor watering on Mondays.
  • Properties with both odd and even numbered street addresses should contact Customer Service to determine the best watering schedule.
  • Hoses must have water-saving shutoff nozzles to prevent free-running water.
  • Swimming pools are limited to one filling per year, unless draining for repairs.
  • Water shall be used for beneficial purposes only.

For more information, visit our Outdoor Water Efficiency page or contact Customer Service at 970-477-5451.