Red Cliff Water Emergency

This information last updated on Sunday, February 12, at 5:49 p.m.

Water service is fully restored to the Town of Red Cliff, and the water is safe to drink. However, the Town water tank needs to refill, so please conserve water. The top priority for Eagle River Water & Sanitation District (ERWSD) staff is to maintain enough storage in the water tank for fire protection and system needs.

ERWSD, the Town's contracted service provider, will continue to monitor the Red Cliff Public Water System. Low pressure or low flow could indicate that freezing is reoccuring. Please report any pressure problems immediately by calling ERWSD at 970.476.7480 at any time.

Now that water is flowing, residents are reminded of the following:

  • If you were bleeding your water lines at home, please stop. This will preserve storage in the Town water tank.
  • Conserve water while ERWSD works on production at the Town water plant.
  • ERWSD staff cannot respond to service calls at individual homes at this time; use available Red Cross information or the following ERWSD information if you believe your pipes may be frozen -- calling a plumber will be the quickest way to receive assistance with this matter.

Residents will receive more information if it again becomes necessary to do regular updates.

Previously, the Red Cliff water transmission line between the water tank and Town was nearly frozen, leaving all but a few homes in Red Cliff, CO, with no water service. A Tier 1 Public Notification was issued on Friday, February 10.

ERWSD was on scene beginning Tuesday, January 31, and worked round the clock when necessary to fully restore water service.

The Town of Red Cliff declared a state of emergency, which allows Red Cliff to seek financial disaster assistance.

• Everyone served by the Red Cliff Public Water System, including homeowners, renters, and business owners, has received daily, automated phone calls describing the issue, updating call recipients on the status of the problem, and providing essential information.

• Red Cliff Town Office: 970.827.5303
• ERWSD: 970.476.7480. A telephone answering service is available to take calls during non-business hours.

Shower Facilities:
• The Town of Red Cliff and ERWSD thank the Avon Recreation Center and Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy for graciously offering shower facilities to Red Cliff residents during the water outage.

Available Water:A 500-gallon water pillow filled with potable water, is available at the Red Cliff Fire Station the 500-gallon water pillow will remain at the Red Cliff Fire Station for the next few days, and containers will continue to be available at the following locations
• At the Town Offices in gallon jugs, 400 Pine Street
• At the Red Cliff Fire Station Water, one-gallon collapsible jugs with lids, 500 Water Street

Fire Protection Water:
• Eagle River Fire Protection District has locations near the river to access water for fire protection purposes.

Other Information:
• Town of Red Cliff Office: (970.827.5303)
• ERWSD (970.476.7480): a telephone answering service is available to take calls during non-business hours
• Electronic signs near Mangos
• Notices posted at the Town of Red Cliff Offices, the U.S. Post Office in Red Cliff, and Red Cliff Fire Station

Responding Agencies:
Eagle River Water & Sanitation District
Town of Red Cliff
Eagle River Fire Protection District
Eagle County
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Division of Emergency Management
Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Assisting Agencies:
Town of Avon
Town of Minturn
Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy
Greater Eagle Fire Protection District
Denver Water
Gypsum Fire Protection District
Colorado Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network